amateur selfie photoshoot

Generally speaking, I take selfies approximately three and a half times a year ~ in some variation of the same three poses. And then I edit them fiercely and admire them for a minute or two and delete them. Or just stick them in a file somewhere because I am trying to run a blog here and you never know when you’ll need content. This year I realized that in the short history of selfies being a thing, I have gravitated towards taking them in the advent of my birthday… as if I’m grasping at the vapors of who I just finished turning into. I finally got used to twenty five and now it’s already over. Now I am more than a quarter of a century old. And I need to wash my magical black girl hair and I’m wearing a clip on ear cuff because it was only $7 at target and I’m too lazy to get a new piercing and look at all the arm candy I’m collecting.

don’t mind me while I look dramatically off into the distance, burrowing deep into the waters of introspection while a stack of moving boxes in the background symbolizes the constantly fluctuating elements that make up my life. ha.

~ b, the bemused birthday girl.




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