jobs I’ve had: reorganizational healing


There’s this alternative chiropractic method called ‘Reorganizational Healing’ also known as ‘Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)’ also known as probably 12 other variations that all fall under the umbrella of energy work. You guys. This was one of the most bizarre and particular and life changing experiences I have lived through to date.

It all started with a Craigslist Ad, phone tag, and a reality-tv worthy group interview slash elimination process. It was raining in Berkeley the day we all showed up for the interview we had assumed would be a conventional 1:1. After removing shoes at the door, which was a big enough deterrent for at least one candidate, we all had to sign in and procure name tags. During this step a few more folks slipped out the door while the rest of us geared up for the surprise interview we weren’t ready for.

My first instinct at the time was to freak out and feel misled, but God was such a comfort to me in that moment, and I decided that after weeks/months of sitting at home not getting any interviews, it would at least be interesting to rub elbows with strangers for an hour or so. After about two weeks and three rounds of interviews that included a quiz, role play, and basically an elevator pitch, I was selected for the position. From the outset, this juggled up a mixed bag of emotions. For one thing, it was nice to truly be chosen after so much rejection, and also there were amazing perks:

  1. I got to work barefoot.
  2. I got to work part-time.
  3. I got complimentary alternative chiropractic care.

Everything about my actual job was seemingly such a good fit. It was quiet, I worked by myself, but got to organize people and do book and house keeping; I received treatment for my fiery spine… But there was always this tension. There were all these grey lines that had no schema; realities I didn’t know how to deal with. There were I/E differences between my boss I, and there was a spiritual abnormality I had not experienced before. What I mean by that, is this: the premise of this particular private practice and method of chiropractic is that ‘the same power that made the body heals the body’: the body is forgiving and, when taken care of, redirected, trained, we have within our biologies the ability not only to heal, but to learn a different relationship with pain altogether. I wholeheartedly believe all those things, but the foundation from which that belief is built ~ that ‘inner power’ that I draw upon ~ is absolutely and unequivocally the Spirit of God that raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

So. Here I am experiencing the benefits of all this energy work, feeling things within my body that I have never felt…being made whole. Learning to let go of old things and tensions I had long forgotten I had lived through. I remember one day I was receiving my ‘entrainment’ [that’s what the sessions were called], and I just had this overwhelming sense of relief realizing that middle school was over and I never had to live through it again. Middle school, guys. I’m telling you, I had packed away some troubles. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I really started to realize how much of a difference working there with my boss and having her reorganize the energy along my spine made. It’s one of those things that is so tremendously difficult to articulate, but cannot be denied. Even as a dancer, I was never actually connected with my body. I have struggled with a lot of insecurities regarding my body. I have ~ unintentionally ~ starved my body, depriving it of nutrients. There are still days when I’m overly critical of ridiculous things and must remind myself what I’m here on the earth for; that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.

But there I was ~ sitting at the front desk, watching all these people searching desperately for a healing that they could never reach without Jesus. It was my job to fill up our appointment calendar; it was my job to be enthusiastic about network spinal analysis and make friends with our clients and tell them to bring their friends, and I’m looking at these people knowing that the power the need to heal their bodies and their lives is Jesus and I’m not really supposed to say anything about it. Especially in California. Especially in Berkeley. Eventually the pressure of the tension coupled with logistical issues (couldn’t really live off the part-time hourly wage) caused for something to have to snap, and I knew that it was time for me to go. So I left.

In my more nostalgic moments, I miss everything and those 24-hour chunks of painful time I was living through. Painful for lots of reasons, and because healing is hard. I miss the daughters one of our clients used to bring with him when they were out of school. I miss having them around me stapling random papers and asking a million questions and telling me all about the novels they were reading for prizes at the library. I miss the calm, cool, quiet, zen atmosphere of the office. I miss shuffling chiropractic charts and walking to work every day. I miss the flexibility of working part time. There are so many secret and quiet and intricate ways that God used this job to change me as a person; to grow courage and to hear His voice clearly through the fog. I am different now; reorganized and healing.

~ b


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