haste and hurry

All the things that make us tired are branches and fruit from the fear tree.

Haste is no different. Haste and hurry are fear of not having enough time and-or energy to accomplish my ends; fear of being at the wrong place at the wrong time . . . or being in the wrong place at the right time for something inconvenient (at best) to happen.

Ironically, I had been in a hurry to write about haste. Because I was afraid I wouldn’t remember all the things I wanted to say; that the inspiration would expire and I’d be left to my own devices to scratch out a few words about living in far less of a hurry . . .

Ever since I heard the phrase, ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life, I’ve been on a quest to do so. And I notice it in exactly as many more places than I would like for it to stay.

A few days ago I started writing a song about the death of Sisera in Judges 4-5, and I felt myself in a hurry to get it done, to get the words out; to get the lyrics cleaned up and the melody polished.

Aside from the impatience of wanting to enjoy the finished song from beginning to end, there was a slimy kind of angst about finishing first. Before what or who I’m not sure . . .  before someone else writes the same exact song? Unlikely. And anyway, it’s not like I even have plans to record it anytime soon.

I think it’s just been a way of life for me . . . hurry up and finish so I can have time on my hands. Hurry up and finish in case I never get a chance to later. Hurry up and finish so I don’t have to do anything else ever again . . .

There are certainly times when I need to move quickly, but in all that hurrying to get to the rest, I make myself more tired than I have to be.

I have come a far long way with regard to being present and living with contentment; not holding my breath or waiting for life to start. And in the frenzy of the past half decade, this new suburban pace I find myself in is lending itself to more progress. I am learning to slow down and exit the highway; to approach all things with confidence in the God who loves me, and let tasks take the time they need for thorough and satisfied completion.

So here I am posting about haste days later than I initially wanted to . . . because I am ruthlessly eliminating hurry from my life.

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